Theatre Arts Classes for Children

Showshack Minis

Showshack Minis for rising 4-7 year olds takes place on Fridays after school hours at Weydon School, Farnham and Saturday mornings at The Bourne Hall, Farnham. There are three sessions, each lasting one and a half hours. During the session the children experience dance, drama and singing which is a perfect introduction to the performing arts. Our experience has shown that even at a young age these activities help to develop both self confidence and self esteem.

Showshack Juniors and Seniors

For 7-16 year olds comprises the three main disciplines of dance, drama and singing. Sessions take place on Fridays and Saturdays at Weydon School, Farnham. We offer three sessions: Friday after school hours and Saturday in the morning and afternoon – each session lasts for three hours. Sessions include: vocal and body warm ups, drama improvisations & directed script work, stage management and stage direction, choreographed dance routines, vocal tuition including learning harmonies, audition and interview techniques.

Musical Theatre Classes

In addition to our weekend theatre school, we now offer a Musical Theatre class on Monday evenings. This 90 minute session combines the disciplines of performance that create Musical Theatre in a fun and relaxed environment.

Singing Lessons

Private singing coaching is available on Monday and Thursday evenings at the Showshack Studios.

Showshack Elite Theatre Group

Elite Theatre Group is by invitation or audition only and for the older, age 16+ Students

Elite Theatre Group is a new and exciting venture for Showshack.

The Elite Theatre Group is a team of students who will work on plays, musicals and learning their craft with a view to reach a professional standard to perform in local venues, London Fringe and possibly the Edinburgh Fringe in the summer months.

We will also be inviting guest workshops, where professionals such as Agents, Actors, Directors, Musical Theatre Performers, Musical Directors and Professional Singers come in to advise students on life in the industry, allowing students to decide if this is an area they would like to explore as a possible career opportunity.

It is important for members of this group to understand the way that entertainment industry works and prepare them for auditions into drama school or musical theatre school, if they so wish. Members of the Elite Theatre Group will be given personal advice on material, songs, speeches etc that are suitable for their repertoire and castings.

All members must attend weekly sessions in order to keep their place in the group. Members will be asked to sign a contract confirming their commitment to the group as it takes great dedication to reach a high standard in theatre arts.

Elite Theatre Group takes place on Saturdays 1.15pm-3.45pm @ Weydon School


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